Let them go…

Posted by Jackie Stewart.

Wow only 24 days until Christmas.  I hope you are well during these trying times and starting to get into the holiday spirit.  Christmas decorations are going up a lot earlier this year in my neighborhood.  This season will probably break records for on line sales as I know for many of us, in-person shopping has its challenges for consumers due to health concerns and social distance rules.  I think we can all agree that when we complete our on-line orders, we look forward to our deliveries being on time and in one piece.

My father was a UPS man for many years and this was his most stressful time of the year.  That was back in the 60s and 70s.  UPS had very strict time constraints back then and I’m sure it’s even more so today with all delivery services.  I have always had a special place in my heart for the UPS drivers for obvious reasons.  When I’m driving, I make it a point to stop to let those brown trucks enter traffic or turn in front of me.   I also do it for Fed-Ex, USPS and Amazon trucks.

I think of how many times one of those drivers has stopped in front of my home or office to unload my packages in all kinds of weather.   Occasionally I get beeped at because someone behind me is impatient but the wave from the truck driver I just let into traffic makes me smile  and I know my father is pleased looking down at me.    Since March of this year,  because of the pandemic, our delivery services can barely keep up with the workload.  The drivers work ridiculous hours each day and through the weekends.  Unfortunately this year, the drivers probably don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel…because normally there is a slow down after Christmas.  So next time you see that delivery truck waiting to get back on their route, I hope you take a minute to let them go. Merry Christmas!

Coming Attraction November 22, 2019

Posted by Jackie Stewart.

I cannot wait until this Thanksgiving to see Morgan Neville’s new movie, “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood“ starring Tom Hanks (a perfect choice for this role).    The movie is based on one of my most favorite childhood shows, “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” which first aired on February 19, 1968.

When I watched the trailer for this new movie, it brought me back to when I was a little girl, who loved to hear his opening song, “It’s a Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood.”  His voice was soft and soothing and I remember feeling sad when he would begin to say goodbye by taking off his sneakers and cardigan sweater to change into his street clothes.  With his magical neighborhood complete with a neighborhood trolley, puppets, special guests and songs, he talked about so many topics,  happy and sad.   I have been watching some of the ” you-tube” clips and a lot of his segments touched on some intense stuff  – he would talk about these subjects and he had a gift of making us feel like we were the only one he was talking to and in a manner that a young child could relate to.    He talked about death and how sad he was when as young boy his beloved dog Mitsy died and how he had cried.  During that show, he brought out an old black and white picture of his adorable dog Mitsy – then he sang a song about being glad and sad, telling us it takes time to heal before we can talk about the loss of a loved one or a beloved pet with fond memories rather than tears.   One of the clips that really hit home for me was that for an entire week, he devoted a segment on divorce.  He tried to explain to us youngsters what divorce is and reasons it may happen and that we were not alone.   Mr. Rogers introduced us to a young boy in an electric wheelchair, who because of a tumor,  could not use his hands or legs.  He taught us that Jeff was just like us and we should treat him just like any other kid and not a handicapped boy in a scary wheelchair.  Years later, that boy Jeff in a wheelchair, now a grown man in a wheelchair, made an on-stage appearance when Mr. Rogers was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame. Mr. Rogers and the audience was brought to tears.

There are so many videos that come up when you “google” Mr. Rogers.  Mr. Rogers’ widow Joanne Rogers made a fascinating documentary about her late husband in 2018.   As I watch these videos, as a grown woman, it still brings me back into that safe place I felt in “his”  neighborhood.   I wish that young children in this day and age had a show like this for entertainment and to help them with difficult times in their childhood…well, actually they do, parents just need to introduce their children to Mr. Rogers  through the internet.

I hope you enjoy the movie…and Happy Thanksgiving!




Here’s to a healthy 2018

Posted by Jackie Stewart.

I like using simple household products for other uses around the house. One of my favorites is rubbing alcohol which of course we relate to first aid use.  It is also great for cleaning and sanitizing.  I have tried every daily granite cleaner on the market and nothing works better for mine than 1- part rubbing alcohol 1- part water in a spray bottle.  Use it on chrome, stainless steel, mirrors and windows. Spray dish sponges, let sit to deodorize, then rinse.  Spray a small amount on door, sink and toilet handles, (anywhere other hands touch)  allow to air dry.  Wipe down key boards and mouses.  Keep a few bottles in the workplace to stop the spread of illness from co-workers.

My favorite new product is an oldie but goodie.  Recently, I came down with a flu/chest cold; my mother suggested I try Vicks VapoRub… I didn’t know it was still on the market. When I was little, my mother would rub Vicks ointment on my neck and chest, then cover with a warm towel to keep it from burning my eyes.  The medicated vapors relieve cough and congestion.  The strong menthol brought back memories when my mother took such good care of me when I was sick. Mothers really do know best!   Vicks was invented in 1890 by Lunsford Richardson a pharmacist  from North Carolina.  Vicks Vaporub has many more uses as well… insect repellent, dry skin, minor cuts, even plumping up your lips!  Click on this link to read the interesting history behind this great product..  http://www.smithfieldselma.com/selma-native-invented-vicks-vapo-rub.




Kathy Silvia explains important Flood Insurance information

Posted by Jackie Stewart.

Most people are unaware that typical Homeowners Insurance policies don’t cover flood damage – that would require a separate Flood Insurance policy. Do you have coverage for flood damage? Even if you think it’s something you don’t need, it’s worth a discussion and learning more – a huge number of claims for flood damage occur each year to homeowners who aren’t in a flood zone.

Flood insurance is generally available through government backed insurance policies:

If your home is located in a special flood hazard area, and you have a mortgage, the bank will require that you purchase flood insurance. If your home is not in a special flood hazard area, flood insurance is not required by the lender, but is available. The government backed plans offer coverage on homes up to 250,000 for the dwelling and 100,000 for contents. If it is a business, coverage is available up to 500,000 on the building and 500,000 for business property.

More recently, other options have become available. President of The Fair Agency Kathy Silvia wrote an article for CapeCod.com that talks about these options – check it out:

Flood Insurance – Is There an Alternative to the Government Backed Plan?

Kathy Silvia commended for 35 Year-commitment

Posted by Jackie Stewart.

Kathy Silvia, has been recognized by The Society of Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC) for her 35 years of committed professional leadership and advanced knowledge.  Kathy earned this designation through a series of rigorous examinations and has maintained the designation by annual attendance at an approved CIC program.

“The continuing commitment and professional dedication represented by Kathleen sets a high standard within our industry.” said Dr William Hold, CIC, CPCU, CLU, and President of the Society of CIC.  “This thirty-five year accomplishment signifies a career of active leadership in advanced education.  Kathleen’s commitment to professional development positively reflects on the insurance industry as a whole.”

The Society of CIC is a member of The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research.

A good stress reliever

Posted by Jackie Stewart.

At the end of a long day, when I go home, my stress reliever are my two shih Tzus, Sasha & Maggie. There is nothing like being greeted with such enthusiam every day, day after day. When we go for walks, I love to watch their antics and how much they enjoy the little things, a new path to walk on, a new dog to stiff, a new person to say hello to – a lesson to us humans. One of my favorite websites is Reshareworthy and many of the posts are about animals.   I have attached one .